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  • Amber Rani

First Date

The best date that I recall being on goes back many years to when I first started escorting. My date picked me up in a fancy car just outside my place. I was a bit nervous for my first time and first job.

I was dressed in a tight skirt and red lipstick. I wasn’t sure what to say or how to behave. Luckily, he had used escorts many times before me and could immediately tell I was new at this. He didn’t hesitate to make me feel comfortable as I sat in the front seat of his car. He made casual conversational and all of sudden it began to feel natural. The best clients are the ones that like to have an honest chat about how they are feeling and equally ask how the I am feeling as well. As we drove away in his fancy car, we arrived to his place. He had big house in South London and I started to get nervous again. Here I was, a stranger meeting a stranger and going to his house without knowing anything about him. He didn’t know my real name, and I didn’t know his. We sat down inside his living and began talking again. He offered me a drink and I thought it would be a good idea to loosen up a bit. After sharing a drink and speaking what felt like a while now, I was now comfortable to start getting to the naughty stuff. After we started kissing in the living room, our clothes started to fall to the floor and before I knew it we were making our way to the bedroom. What ensued afterwards was all his fantasies fulfilled as he had his way with me. My submissive nature allowed him to dominate me and use me to my full potential. I’m happy my first date was enjoyable for both me and him. Ever since then, I’ve loved going on dates with men that can make me feel comfortable both mentally and physically.