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  • Amber Rani

The British Client

He was British, his accent unmistakable. He also had a handsome face – the gripping kind that had glints of kindness, cheerfulness and a little bit of mischief. Amber had spent minutes staring at him as he spoke, introducing himself to her and also leading her to their table at the middle of the expensive restaurant. It wasn’t as if she didn’t know who he was before meeting him. At least, they had spent a few days learning about each other online before he ordered for her services. More so, she had done her research. Liam Bennett; outstanding business tycoon and billionaire – Google had provided. She had also learnt that he was divorced and had a large estate, worth a small county. His estate was what she was thinking about as soon as his driver pulled out in front of the restaurant after their short dinner and began to drive rather carefully away from the city. She threw warm glances constantly at him, liking the way his green eyes lingered on her body, on her pink satin dress, her glinting silver bracelets and her visible cleavage which goes a long way to suggest the full balloon-shape of her breasts. The car finally pulled through a large gate and the beautiful Indian escort Amber couldn’t believe her eyes. There were hills everywhere with a visible small lake reaching around one hill to disappear down the large land. As they drove up a small hill, a large house was sitting on it, looking like a magnificent sunrise. “Welcome to my home.” Her lovely client whispered into her ears. She wanted to correct him that his wasn’t just a home but his palm was suddenly on her thighs and slowly caressing her soft skin. She looked sideways at him and color flew to her cheeks as she noticed the urgency and hunger in his eyes. They weren’t going to step down from the car anytime soon – even though his driver had killed the engine. “You want me right now…right here?” She whispered to him. He nodded and she shook her head, not in rejection, but in total awe and admiration. He wasn’t just a handsome, romantic and wealthy British; he was a man with fantasies – mischievous exciting ones. Amber, without muttering another word, began to loosen the straps of her dress. His hands clasped the hem of her dress too and began to pull, folding her dress up her legs in order to reveal the smoothness of her thighs. “You know why I chose you?” He whispered. She was through with loosening her dress; so she let it slide off her shoulders before she shook her head questioningly at him. His gaze lingered hungrily on her plum fully aroused breasts. “I love Indian women.” He said. “That you are one, coupled with the fact that I suspected that you wouldn’t be wearing anything under your dress just for me is a big deal.”Amber smiled at him. “Enough talking, Mr. Bennett.” She told him. He had better make the car sex an awesome experience, she thought to herself. Amber was already dripping wet down there for him.