• Amber Rani

Unforgettable Dinner Date

I was in London for a week to attend a science convention and a trade show. My itinerary was filled with a lot of travel, and meetings, and only two days of rest. Which meant, that I had almost no way to go to a bar, and try my luck with a local girl. Long story short, I wanted to go around the city, and feel the romantic side of it too. So, I decided to hire a high-class escort who could be my company for a day around the exotic city of London.

I was searching for a high-class escort, who knew how to dress and looked great in a dress. I called a few agencies before finally booking a date with Amber Rani through her website. She looked hot and dressed really nice in the photos. Her photos had already got me excited and I could not wait for the boring business to get over and finally meet the lady.

It was a Saturday night; I was at the hotel. Ms. Amber asked me to pick her from her place. Since this was going to be a romantic dinner, I ensured that it was an exotic and memorable experience for both of us. I hired a limo and headed to the address she gave me. I knocked on the door, and I was greeted by a beautiful lady. She was dressed in a short red dress with her cleavage well on display. Her long hair flowed down her pretty face, shoulder and on the sides like a waterfall. Her long legs captivated me for a second and her patent leather pumps were stunning. She introduced herself, and I fumbled to speak.

I was lost in her beauty. She giggled. I offered to hold her hand, and she gracefully accepted it. We walked towards the limo. The chauffeur opened the door for us. She was an escort and looked nothing like it. In a second, she had changed my perception of an escort. We drew to a posh restaurant where I had already booked a table for two. The restaurant was nicely decorated. It had a feeling of French revolution, and it lightened up our mood. I was already lost in the beauty of my companion and the dimly lit interiors were just making things magical for me. We sat down at our table.

Her fragrance was amazing. I looked her in the eyes, she smiled at me. She asked me about myself. I started talking. We ordered food, and we got back to talking. She shared her life stories. It was totally like a date. At no point did I feel like I had paid for this time. Anyway, we continued to talk. She was asking me things. She was really curious about knowing me. It felt good and I was loving my time with her. I was telling her about my last holiday to Asia when I suddenly felt her feet rubbing against mine. A bolt of electric current flow through my body. She bit her lips in desire. I made my move. I held her hand and started rubbing it. I was amazed by how a touch by her had made me erect. The game of footsie continued as we sipped our wine. We were giggling and still talking about random stuff. I asked if we could leave and go to the hotel. She was a perfect artist of seduction. She asked me to stay and placed her feet in my laps.

“I want to see you in desperation!” she said. She started inching her heel towards my dick. As she slid her feet on my laps, moving one inch at a time, I was entering a state of desperation. I wanted to feel her lips and her body. But, I was in public. I couldn’t help but wait for my lovely lady to finish what she was doing. By now, her pointed heel was touching the tip of my penis, and rubbing it slowly. It was erect, and I could feel the blood pumping in the head of my dick with every beat my heart.

It went for another minute or so. My dick was now hard as a rock, and she was still rubbing it. She looked me in the eyes, came closer “do you want me?” she asked. I could barely speak. “Yes”, I struggled. I was in pain. I had never felt these sensations before. She smiled, leaned back, pushed her heels a little on my dick and the first drop of pre-cum came out. I bet she felt it. I could tell it by the look on her face and the grin on her lips. I paid for the dinner while my girlfriend’s heels were still rubbing my manhood. The next instant, she stood up, kissed me on the forehead, said “Don’t keep me waiting for long. I will be in the limo” and left.

Now, I just had to calm down, drink water and rush to the limo for the action that awaited me.


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